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More than 15 UIT and ITS units work with the SUDO program to hire student employees. Positions include but are not limited to: quality assurance intern, data governance analyst, machine learning analyst, software engineer intern, help desk agent, content management and user experience design intern, and office assistant.

Students work with a designated mentor, assigned working team, and other full-time UIT, ITS, and university staff to contribute to the planning and execution of ongoing projects and the delivery of established services. 

  • For more information about UIT's departments and teams, please visit this webpage. To learn more about individual teams, please visit the Meet Your Colleagues webpage on UIT's Node 4 website.
  • For information about open student positions with UIT's University Support Services (USS) organization that are not part of the SUDO program, please visit this jobs webpage. Although SUDO interns and USS employees often collaborate on IT projects, USS oversees its own student employee program for most of its units. For more information about USS, please visit this department webpage.

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Campus Computer Support (UCCS)


  • Installs, supports, and maintains hardware and software across campus
  • Educates users and acts as a liaison for campus IT support
  • Tools: Windows, other tools as needed

Enterprise Architecture (CTO)

  • Enables effective collaboration and solution alignment across the institution
  • Researches, recommends, and evaluates a variety of solutions for the university
  • Tools: Lucidchart, Microsoft Office 365

Information Security Office (ISO)

  • Works with campus and hospital IT professionals to ensure that the university is exposed only to acceptable risks
  • Protects critical infrastructure from outside threats
  • Tools: IBM QRadar, QualysGuard, Symantec DLP
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Pathway Engineering

  • Assists with copper and fiber cable maintenance, testing, and installation
  • Maintains network diagrams, troubleshoots user problems, and keeps infrastructure organized
  • Tools: Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow


  • Oversees the university's service management software in a system administrator role
  • Creates scripts to automate processes and improve efficiency
  • Tools: JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, ServiceNow

Unified Communications

  • Oversees phone and voicemail communication channels for the university and hospital
  • Performs maintenance, programming, and troubleshooting, and assists with billing
  • Tools: CDC, Microsoft Office 365

Campus Help Desk

  • Fields incoming phone calls and emails by resolving technical issues or creating tickets
  • Administers CIS users, profiles, and passwords
  • Tools: Avaya, ServiceNow, CIS
  • Learn more

Hardware Platform Services

  • Maintains the campus and hospital virtualization (VMware) environments
  • Assists project teams with technical issues in the initiation and planning phases of projects
  • Tools: VMware, Red Hat, Powershell


  • Builds/maintains Android applications and creates machine learning models
  • Tools: Android, iOS, Microsoft Excel

Product Management (CTO)

  • Oversees the life cycle of a product through all stages and assesses the needs of the university
  • Creates documentation, how-to guides, manuals, project plans, and cheat sheets
  • Tools: Lucidchart, Microsoft Office 365

Software Platform Services

  • Collects, analyzes, and presents data about team performance to aid stakeholders in decision making
  • Collects and stores ticket completion information using ServiceNow Performance Analytics
  • Tools: ServiceNow, Microsoft Excel, Python

University Television (UTV)

  • Installs and maintains television equipment and devices around campus
  • Troubleshoots and addresses issues with customers on UIT services (e.g., Box, UTV, phones, and conference room systems)
  • Tools: CDC, Microsoft Office 365

Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC)

  • Focuses on the deployment and operation of computational resources
  • Supports diverse research computing needs and develops training and support mechanisms
  • Tools: Linux, Python, virtual machines
  • Learn more

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

  • Ensures appropriate access to university resources
  • Automates processes that enable positive identification and authorization for all business data
  • Tools: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL
  • Learn more

Network Services

  • Supports, monitors, and optimizes network performance
  • Services provided range from firewalls to load balancing and web content filtering
  • Tools: Infoblox, SolarWinds Orion, Terminal
  • Learn more

Service Monitoring

  • Tracks the performance of approximately 20,000 devices, 123,000 unique ports, and hundreds of individual applications
  • Responds to trouble tickets in ServiceNow
  • Tools: ServiceNow, Orion, Nagios

UMail & Collaboration

  • Maintains UMail system operations
  • Creates and maintains PowerShell scripts to retrieve and update information
  • Tools: Box, C#, JavaScript, Microsoft Office 365, PowerShell

Web Application Development & Automation

  • Oversees the infrastructure of the university's websites
  • Writes code, oversees the health of virtual machines, and pushes updates and patches for websites
  • Tools: Bitbucket, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Terminal
Last Updated: 1/11/22