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Business Operations



Database Administration (DBA)

  • Responsible for maximizing database uptime
  • Handles basic database maintenance
  • Tools Used: Infoblox, SolarWinds Orion, Terminal



Enterprise Architecture

  • Enables effective collaboration and solution alignment across the institution
  • Interns research, recommend, and evaluate a wide variety of solutions for the University
  • Tools Used: Lucidchart, Microsoft Office Suite



Event Management

  • Assists the University by monitoring equipment and services used around campus
  • Interns assist with tickets, maintain/deploy monitoring nodes, and implement node properties
  • Tools Used: Elasticsearch, ELK Stack, Orion SolarWinds



Unified Communications

  • Oversees all phone and voicemail communication channels for the university and hospital
  • Interns perform maintenance, programming and troubleshooting and assist with billing
  • Tools Used: CDC, Microsoft Office Suite


Network & Security



Identity And Access Management (IAM)

  • Ensures appropriate access to University resources
  • Automates processes that enable positive identification and authorization for all business data
  • Tools Used: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL



Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • Supports, monitors, and optimizes network performance
  • Services provided range from firewalls to load balancing and web content filtering
  • Tools Used: Infoblox, SolarWinds Orion, Terminal



Information Security Office (ISO)

  • Works with campus and hospital IT professionals to ensure that the University is exposed only to acceptable risks
  • Responds to DMCA take-down requests and protects critical infrastructure from outside threats
  • Tools Used: IBM QRadar, QualysGuard, Symantec DLP



Pathway Engineering

  • Assists with copper and fiber cable maintenance, testing, and installation
  • Maintains network diagrams, troubleshoots user problems, and keeps infrastructure organized
  • Tools Used: Microsoft Office Suite, ServiceNow



Project Management

  • Manages cross-functional IT projects ranging from websites to infrastructure
  • Interns prepare documents and reports, track projects, and attend project meetings
  • Tools Used: Microsoft Office Suite, ServiceNow, SQL



Product Management (Tech Writer)

  • Oversees the lifecycle of a product through all stages and asses the needs of the University
  • Interns create documentation, how-to guides, manuals, project plans, and cheat sheets
  • Tools Used: Lucidchart, Microsoft Office Suite



UEN Networking

  • Supports and improves the UEN network when needed
  • Interns develop webtools and scripts to assist the UEN networking team
  • Tools Used: Docker, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python





Content Management & Usability

  • Works with clients across the institution in maintaining web presence
  • Focuses on UX and UI design to ensure each site is efficient and informative while preserving content
  • Tools/Skills Used: HTML/CSS, Jira, OmniUpdate, PHP
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  • Builds/maintains Android applications and creates machine learning models
  • Interns are creating an app with a voice interface and interaction model
  • Tools/Skills Used: Android APK, Microsoft Excel



Machine Learning Innovation Group

  • Analyzes semi-structured and unstructured data to create associations with structured data
  • Interns program, analyze, and document processes and projects
  • Tools/Skills Used: Hadoop, Java, Python, R, Spark




  • Maintains UMail system operations
  • Interns create and assist PowerShell scripts to retrieve and update information
  • Tools Used: Box, C#, JavaScript, Microsoft Office Suite, PowerShell, Skype for Business



Web Application, Deployment, and Automation (CWS)

  • Oversees the infrastructure of the institution's web sites
  • Responsible for everything from writing code to overseeing the health of the sites' virtual machines to pushing updates and patches for sites
  • Tools Used: Bitbucket, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Terminal



Research and Analytics



USS Data Management & Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Provides quality data to groups across the university
  • Creates unbiased reports for data-informed decision making
  • Tools/Skills Used: Informatica, Oracle, SAP Webi, SQL, Tableau



Center for High-Performance Computing (CHPC)

  • Focuses on the deployment and operation of large-scale and high performance computational resources
  • Supports diverse research computing needs and develops training and support mechanisms needed for computational research in the valley and beyond
  • Tools Used: Containers, Clusters, Hosting Services, Linux, Networking, Protected Environments, Python, Virtual Machines
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Last Updated: 8/24/18